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Keto Spinach Mushroom Bacon Saute

Stumped for a quick and healthy dinner?

Keto Spinach Mushroom Bacon Saute to the rescue!

This recipe is not only quick, it’s seriously delicious, even though it only has 4 main ingredients. (Plus salt and pepper.)

What’s the secret? Flavorful bacon, of course!

Plus, this delectable sauteed treat is a great way to make sure you get healthy fats and nutritious green vegetables into your diet.

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to make — and also how good it tastes!


6 slices diced bacon
1/2 lb  spinach
1 diced Portobello mushroom (about 84 g). Other mushrooms will work if those are all you have on hand.
1 Tablespoon tamari
Salt and pepper


1. Fry the bacon pieces in a pan til somewhat crispy.
2. Add mushrooms and cook the mixture til mushrooms soften.
3. Add spinach and cook for a few more minutes, til the spinach wilts.
4. Season with tamari and salt and pepper if you need it.


Creator: Keto Summit