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Italian Meatballs, Keto Style [with Parmesan Cheese]

Try these Italian meatballs, Keto style! Yes, these are Keto friendly, easy and delicious. They may become your favorite, too.

The recipe calls for 2 lbs of ground beef (or you can use 1 1/2) and two eggs, It also calls for fresh parsley but you can use dried oregano or basil. Add a half cup of water.

Add 3 quarters of a cup of a Parmesan cheese, half a cup of almond flour and some pink salt.

Plus garlic powder, onion powder, some pepper and maybe basil or oregano. and half a cup of water.

Now just get your hands in there and get messy. Just mix it up. (It smells really good with all the seasoning and spices and cheese. Create inch and a half or two-inch meatballs.

Then put them in a pan. (Are they delicious looking or what?)  You bake them in two parts.

First with no sauce or anything on top — just to get them cooked all the way through. (20 minutes at 350 degrees F). Then you’re going to top them with some special stuff — marinara sauce.

Then add some mozzarella cheese with a little bit of basil on top. Stick them in the oven at 350 for 20 more minutes. And that will lead to your delicious meatballs!

In 20 minutes, ooh, they look delicious! Let them cool down for just a second. Then you can put them on top of some riced cauliflower with a little extra Rao’s marinara sauce to make them extra delicious.

That’s it!


Remember, keep it simple. Keep it fun. And keep it Quito!

Creator: The Keto Dad